For the last 2 1/2 years, my wife and I have been deeply involved in the medical and legal aspects of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.  Recent events have fulfilled our predictions that our politicians would desert us and the public, especially those who were most affected by the spill, would be mistreated and abused.

While BP and the U.S. Courts have made our predictions quite accurate, there has not been another source of justice that has come forth to right the wrongs of this VERY INJUST debacle.

I was planning to write a letter describing previous events during which the same people have performed the same "Magic" and made toxic materials "Non Toxic," lied without consequences, robbed without charges and stolen the health and welfare of a large number of innocent American citizens.

I stumbled across the following letter that was published as a Guest Column four years ago and the year before the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.

I also stumbled on another letter written two years earlier.  

You might find these two letters of interest:

PRELUDE TO WAR - George Bush's New America, August, 2004

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