Dr. Michael Harbut

My first introduction to Dr. Harbut came from reading a "Sworn Declaration" of a member of the Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC) named Robin Greenwald.  

Ms. Greenwald introduced Dr. Harbut as an expert witness and in a presentation to Judge Barbier during a public hearing on the "Proposed Settlement" between BP and the PSC, she indicated that Dr. Harbut had not seen any patients in this matter, but had taken the words of "Doctors" involved in the care of these victims of the oilspill.

In researching the background of Dr. Harbut, it appears that he is an extremely well qualified individual whose prior writings and experiences stand in stark contrast to the Medical segment of the "Prosposed Settlement" prepared by Ms. Greenwald et.al.

The 5 documents included in this file are all from Dr. Harbut and they appear to contradict many of the statements made in the "Sworn Declaration" of Ms. Greenwald.

These contradictions are best explained in the last two letters I sent to Judge Barbier.


Gulf War Syndrome/BP Syndrome

This web site will concentrate on the issue of the Deepwater Horizon Debacle and the relationship between the illnesses suffered by victims of the oil spill when compared to the illnesses suffered by our veterans returning home from the 1991 Gulf war.  In both instances, there has been a successful effort to suppress the facts involving the horrific impacts on human health that are represented by both of these tragic events. 

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