John Gooding Story

The following video will depict the progression of neurological problems being experienced by one of my patients who has had a severe reaction to his exposure to substances released during the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

John began his neurologic foray with problems best described by his wife. John had become progressively weak and was suffering from headaches and memory loss.  Mary would come home from work and find him lying on the floor, unable to speak or to move.  His memory of these events remained intact.  

John usually refused to seek medical care because he had no insurance and no way to pay for his care.  His symptoms increased gradually until he actually began experiencing full blown seizure type problems.

I encouraged him to film one of his seizure episodes and the following video recorded one of these events.  The total record is about three hours long, with John's seizure occurring at the end of the video.  

John and Mary's account of these problems might be questioned except for the fact that the initial episodes of John being unable to speak or to move has been experienced by several of my other patients.  None of these individuals had the opportunity to discuss their symptoms and none of them knew each other at the time they described these problems to me.

John's Video

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