Letters to the Judge


When Federal Judge Carl Barbier was given the assignment of coordinating and consolidating the lawsuits involving the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, he appointed a group of 19 attorneys to a group named "The Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC)."

This group was given $600 MILLION to negotiate an agreement with BP over how the Class Action Lawsuit that was to be structured.  Basically, the PSC was to represent the interest of the victims of the oilspill.

When a "Proposed Settlement" between the PSC and BP was established, there were, in my opinion, several glaring problems.  

The most significant of these problems involved defining "Chronic Illnesses" being experienced by the victims of the spill.

The following 5 letters to Judge Barbier were my efforts to represent the interest of my patients and to point out to the Judge various facts that he would not understand if he were to believe all of the information presented to him by the PSC and BP.

Gulf War Syndrome/BP Syndrome

This web site will concentrate on the issue of the Deepwater Horizon Debacle and the relationship between the illnesses suffered by victims of the oil spill when compared to the illnesses suffered by our veterans returning home from the 1991 Gulf war.  In both instances, there has been a successful effort to suppress the facts involving the horrific impacts on human health that are represented by both of these tragic events. 

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