Disappearing Victims

Shortly after the cleanup operations for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill began there were press reports of workers becoming ill and being rushed to local hospitals.  Then, mysteriously, coverage of these issues dissappeared from the scene.

As an avid reader of newspapers, I generally read about 5 newspapers daily.  (Fewer now) Any articles that I find of interest I cut out clippings and later scan and label them for my reference.  I have been doing this for about 20 years.

When the oil spill occurred it became impossible to cut out all of the clippings, so I began laminating every page of my newspapers that contained anything about the spill.  

One day I realized that I was a bit "Gitty," and I'm not a gitty type guy.  I realized immediately that I had been inhaling the fumes from the laminating machine and this was causing the unusual senation I had been experiencing.  This occurred in spite of the fact that I had placed the laminating unit in front of an open window and I had a fan blowing the fumes out of the room.

When I finished I had about 50 pounds of laminated material.

I would like to challenge anyone to examine these pages and find the articles that discuss illnesses being suffered by people!  I do not recall finding a single one. 

There are articles on shrimp, fish, crabs, oysters, pelicans, etc., but nothing on the human illness impacts of the spill.

It seems that the only two entities that have provided any significant coverage of human illnesses are Al Jazerra and the Huffington Post.

Rather unusual, don't you think!?!?

© Michael Robichaux 2013