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This is the web site of Dr. Mike Robichaux.  Dr. Mike is an ENT physician from a small town in South Louisiana named Raceland.  He has worked with victims of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and has become intimately involved in the medical, social and political aspect of their lives.  

Dr. Mike and his wife, Brenda, hosted a Detox clinic in their family home and treated over 100 patients who were rendered ill by exposure to the products of the spill. While the clinic is no longer operational, Dr. Mike and Brenda are still involved with the social and political aspects of the "Three Ring Circus" that has evolved since this tragedy began.

The First Ring of this Circus involves the victims of this tragic event.  They are numerous and many of them are ill with problems that will affect them for the remainder of their lives.  To the best of our knowledge, they have not formally received ANY direct medical or financial assistances for their illnesses from either BP or from their own government.  (The DETOX clinic was financed utilizing funds provided by a philoantrophic foundation.)

Most of the victims of this tragedy were in excellent health prior to their exposure to the products of the oil spill and many of them are still unable to work.  Their only assistance has come in the areas of Medicaid and, for those fortunate enough, Social Security disability benefits.  

Thus, American citizens are paying our scant tax dollars to pay for the cost of a tragedy created by the negligence and arrogance of a foreign corporation!!

The Secong Ring of the Circus would necessarily involve the Oil and Gas Industry and its ability to manipulate and direct virtually every aspect of this disaster. Their "Gargantuan" size, power and wealth has provided them with boundless influence over our lives and control of the varied components of this catastrophe.

The last RING of this circus involves politics and the courts.  While these are traditionally considered separate entities, the distinctions have certainly blurred and control of both our elected officials and our judicial system is overshadowed by the dark clouds of Corporate wealth and power.

While studying the medical issues involving his patients, Dr. Mike stumbled on a stunningly similar illness that was experienced by over 175,000 American Patriots when they returned from the 1991 Gulf War.  It was called "Gulf War Syndrome" and the similarities, both medically and politically, with "BP Syndrome" are remarkable.

Those two issues will be discussed on this site.

The best way to understand this issue would to read the 4 letters written by Dr. Mike to Judge Carl Barbier.  They represent his evolving perspective and understanding of the political problems being faced by his patients.  

There is a fifth letter written by Dr. Mike that is listed under Sworn Declarations.  This "Declaration" was written in response to a "Sworn Declaration" of a member of the "Plaintiff Steering Committee."  Dr. Mike took issue with the author of the declaration and expressed his differences in his letter.

This web site is in its developmental phase and will necessarily needs changes and (hopefully) improvements with the passage of time.  



Dr. Mike Robichaux

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